Our team is known for our expertise in healthcare security needs, and our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of critical issues surrounding JACO, DNV, CMS, and local AHJ’s.

We understand the common pain points and frustrations that impact staff performance. Our integrated solutions can streamline and automate processes in ways that optimize patient flow and improve service delivery.

Oversee Everyone & Everything

How do you control movement through a large facility with hundreds of doors? Our swipe card and fob systems ensure that only authorized staff can access areas such as administrative offices and medical supply rooms, and individual access cards can be disabled without impacting the whole system. Through integration with video surveillance and tracking features, your system can automatically record and document movement, or lock doors and sound alarms in response to unauthorized entry.

Additionally, keeping an eye on every room, entrance and hallway is possible with a scalable video surveillance system. Our high-quality video management and recording tools can also prevent theft, clarify conflicting reports, and protect your facility from liability.

Monitor Movement

Knowing where to find people and equipment at all times is critical to efficient service delivery. In addition to offering simple patient, staff, and asset tracking tools, our customized tracking systems can create time-stamped logs that document precisely when a staff member enters a patient’s room to respond to a call.

Automate Awareness

Health care professionals know that the alarm you ignore could be the wrong one. However, our streamlined notification systems can mitigate alarm fatigue and help your staff stay alert without feeling overwhelmed.

With an integrated nurse call system, staff can receive notifications and emergency calls on wireless devices from anywhere in the facility. Placing duress buttons in nurse stations, human resources offices, or any applicable space enables staff to rapidly request help or call emergency responders when a situation occurs. To alert all personnel in the event of an emergency, we also offer fire alarm and mass notification systems that conveniently integrate with wireless communications and access control solutions.

Communicate Conveniently

Efficient lines of communication are essential to helping your staff provide the best care possible.

Whether you want to receive a simple page or have audio capabilities to communicate with patients, we’ll create a custom wireless communication solution to help your staff optimize performance and maintain patient satisfaction.

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