Senior Living

Senior and assisted living communities are dynamic environments with complex security needs.

Guaranteeing a safe home for your residents enhances your community image, and encourages families to feel good about trusting their loved ones to your care.

With a comprehensive security and communications system, you can better maintain the safety of your residents and staff, as well as the credibility of your facility.

Protect Your Premises

Residents and visitors need to move freely throughout the facility, and they value the safety of a gated community.

With a sophisticated access control system, you can allow residents free reign within your protected grounds.

By integrating door security with communications and wandering systems, you can temporarily lock doors and trigger alarms to give staff time to prevent elopement, while complying with building codes and safety regulations.

Card and fob access systems can control entry to offices and medical supply rooms to authorized staff, and individual keys can be remotely disabled without having to replace the whole system.

Monitor Movement

Our sophisticated tracking solutions enable you to locate your residents, staff and assets in real time. Our scalable video surveillance systems allow you to monitor and document all activity in your facility as it occurs.

Notify Instantly

Residents have varying medical needs, but an integrated nurse call system helps staff to respond quickly to residents in distress. By combining nurse call with wireless communications and staff tracking solutions, staff can receive notifications on handheld devices and the system can automatically log a report when someone responds to a call.

We also offer code-compliant fire alarms and mass notification systems to immediately alert all personnel of danger, and to automatically contact emergency responders.

Communicate Conveniently

Staff and medical personnel need to stay aware of all alerts and respond to urgent calls, without being tied to a station or bombarded with alarms.

Our systems integrate emergency call and elopement alarms into one platform that sends notifications to wireless devices, so staff members are immediately aware of any situation.

Whether you prefer paging or phone text messaging, we can personalize your system to optimize communication and mitigate alarm fatigue.

If your facility contains medical and clinical settings, we also offer sound masking systems to preserve privacy.

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