Large residential facilities experience high volumes of guests, deliveries, and foot traffic, along with an increased risk of accidents and threats. Having the best security measures in place enhances the image of your community, and encourages your residents to rest easy.

Whether you need to secure an apartment building or a dorm, we’ll design an integrated system to address all of the security issues that impact your multifamily residence.

Protect Your Premises

Visitor management is a top concern for multifamily facilities, and having a secure physical access system adds major value for tenants. We offer apartment entry systems to control access to buildings and units, as well as keys and swipe card systems to ensure that only residents can enter shared spaces such as offices, gyms, or parking areas.

With a video surveillance system for common areas and grounds, you can see what’s happening on your complex at all times. Having high quality video records is also essential in the event of a theft, accident, or dispute.

Put Safety First

Fire alarms and duress systems are necessary to protect your residents, and a mass notification system ensures that you can alert everyone in your facility of an emergency situation as soon as possible.

Communicate Conveniently

Wireless communications systems keep your staff accessible from anywhere on your grounds. We can optimize your system to send alerts and notifications to your staff’s wireless devices, or integrate alarms with access control measures to prevent residents from entering a dangerous area.

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